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miss clark & miss clark (The Doll )


Created from my body, it is my double. We install ourselves in various places (halls, galleries, theatres, public squares, streets, cafes, shop windows, warehouses, etc.), with decor, a soundtrack and / or a video.

France Culture Radio (18. 07. 2011) "miss clark & miss clark" by Mariannick Bellot and Angélique Tibau Listen >> (5')

1. Road movie,
Lavoir moderne parisien Theatre, Paris, 24 July 2007.
In this first performance of miss clark & miss clark, the doll was naked and bald, without makeup. The few phrases of the video's soundtrack (English / French) accentuated the complete inaction (wanted or suffered?): "I really want to go now…", "Shall we go?", "Let's go !". And so on. Everything is fixed. Only the white line of the road projected in the background moves in the center, between miss clark & clark miss. On the ground a word is written: "inaction".

See a clip of the video

Gallery - Crane_Centre de ressources



2. One side and an other, 57, rue de Beleville, Paris, 7 October 2007.
miss clark & miss clark, feet enclosed in military shoes, were siting at the limit of the space beyond which they were not allowed to go (mandatory administrative border) on the side of the "19" pedestrian crossing.
This action is the result of the ban to move across the street as miss clark & miss clark wished to do in a first time to join Ben's work, Fréhel square.



3. Birth, Oudapo-MAS, Paris 13e, 26 January 2008
"Man is born naked. He has no nationality."
In this performance, this sentence was pronounced in many different languages with the soundtrack; they were written also on the papers that form a line on the ground, at one end of which we found miss clark & miss clark; at the other: a small fountain, the sound of water.
The decor cut the room in two; the public had to decide whether or not to cross the line… They had to choose their side.