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Le Mur d’en face (The Wall oposite)

The Wall opposite is the wall that separates two spaces. It separates them, but more, it creates them. It creates the very idea of territory. An obstacle to the fluidity of movement, it denotes a frontier against which some are killed.
In this installation, the video of two children trying to climb a wall is projected onto a painting. It then creates a gap between their game and the danger of a deadly reality. It was also a question for me to work the link beetween painting and video.The canvas, intentionally somber, thus creating a image of movement and of ghostly bodies.
The soundtrack, meanwhile, is working on the musicality of language: testimonies of fictional characters, and each speaks in the language of their country of origin: Ahmed and Pablo are soldiers in North Africa (Ceuta), on one side and another of the wall which separates Europe from Africa. Marika, an old woman, lives in Mali Selmenci in Ukraine, facing the wall that separates her village from Velké Slemence in Slovakia. The "two tongue child" plays ball against the wall of Nicosia in Cyprus. Avi and Abbou live in Jerusalem. Ulrich tells us how the Berlin Wall has been crossed. And finally a young woman, who walks on the walls…
The space of this installation is flexible. Presented from 13 to 30 December 2006 at the General Paris, I created a specific scenario, which included, among other things, writings on walls and a video (Magma) presented on a monitor wrapped in plastic.
A project supported by the League of Human Rights and hosted in artistic residence by laMétive, Creuse (Limousin) and La Generale (Paris).

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