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Activist Bondage
In this series Activist Bondage, the motionless body is partly or fully bound, depraved of liberty and helpless. Body, bonds and lines (sticky tape, rope, straps...) are transformed into becoming supports for written messages.
They are the work in progress : artistic, aesthetic and militant.

Marianne 2010
Activist Bondage_3- "Liberty Leading the People… towards the exit"

Resurgences #1, Plateforme Gallery, Paris


see the diaporama >> ©Jean Cerezal

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Homeland Activist Bondage_2
4th Biennial for Performance Art Blurrr (Tel Aviv) and Zaz festival (Tel Aviv/Jérusalem),
20,21,22 november 2009.
S and, beef tongue, vidéos… and the word "Homeland" sticked on parts of the body.

see the videos


Activist Bondage_1, for the Artistic meetings "Immigration Words and Body" by Ajour (31) Company / The Ring, Toulouse, 14 september 2009.
The straps become the supports for the the first human reality with the words :"I was born naked; I have no nationality".
A sentence already used in previous works – the performance Birth from miss clark & miss clark (2008), and the video World Line.