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Polyvalent artist, trained in visual and live arts, also in aesthetics (DEA diploma), Maria Clark began by working with dance and theatre companies, and participated in differents artistic works.
From 2001, she began to work on her own. She wrote Anatol (du pays des pierres) (Anatol - from the rocky country), text about Armenia that she shot in an experimental super 8 film which was presented at the Rencontres Internationales Paris-Berlin-Madrid 2003.
She then turned to installations and performances, and in a DIY way, published her writings at La Plâtrière, a non-profit making publishing house she established in 2003.
Her work took a more militant turn with the installation Le Mur d'en face (The Wall oposite), about the walls of separation between territories and some of her recent videos.
Her performances are presented in the Public Space with street actions: Mrs. Smith - about the current immigration policy in France, Line 19, an action where she drew a long line for 2 km along a street between two Paris boroughs, Route 116 in the next central bus station of Tel Aviv (Israël), etc.
She worked accompanied by her life-size doll (miss clark & miss clark) and déveloped also other series of installations and actions using more often video and her own body.
She is also a professionel Art Model.
She organised a performance and visual arts street festival in Paris in October 2007 and 2009.






Pentagramma d'oro for Culture, Premio Galileo 2000 Fondation, 2013
Pergola theater, Florence (Italy), 2013
TinaB, contemporary art festival
(Prague- Czech Republic), 2012
Infr'action Sète (France), 2012
Infr'action Paris (France), 2012
Festival Les uns chez les autres, Paris (France), 2012
Dufay/Bonnet Gallery (France), 2012
Inton'action @ Databaz (Angoulême- France), 2011
Galerie G (Paris - France), 2011
Theatre de Verre (Paris - France), 2011
National Gallery (Prague- Czech Republic), 2011
Plateforme gallery (Paris - France)
, 2011
L'Escalier - Espace d'art (Montreuil- France)
, 2011
Plateforme gallery (Paris- France), 2010
Les Rencontres d'art contemporain/contemporary art (Cahors - France
, 2010
Contemporary Art CARNE/les uns chez les autres festival
(Paris- France)
, 2010
CRANE / Art_Tuilage10 (Burgundi- France), 2010
Désordre Urbain Festival, (Paris-France), 2010
Lec Lec Tic Gallery (Noumea-New Caledonia), 2010
Vidéo'Appart exhibition (Paris-France)
, 2010
BLURRR - International Biennial of Performing Arts & Zaz festival (Tel Aviv/Jérusalem- Israël), 2009
Gallery G (Paris-France), 2009
Le Ring, (Toulouse-France), 2009
Curator - performance and visual arts event (Paris-France)
, 2009
Le MAS, (Paris-France), 2008
Actions, Models of Paris, 2008

"Lire en fête" Book Festival (Paris-France), 2007
BBH festival (Paris-France) 2007
CRANE / Art_Tuilage07 (Paris-France) 2007
Studio des Gens du quai evenings (Montpellier-France) 2007
Curator - street festival , Paris (France)
, 2007
BBH Festival (Paris-France), 2006
La Générale Gallery (Paris-France), 2006
LaMétive (Creuse-France)
, 2006
BBH Festival (Paris-France), 2005
La plâtrière editions (short story)
, 2005
Rencontres internationales Paris-Berlin-Madrid, 2003
La plâtrière éditions (short stories ans chronicles), 2003
Udac gallery (Paris-France), 2003
Curator, Udac gallery, (Paris-France)